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33 years of total military service and training combined

American Convoi, LLC was establish in order to bring quality goods and services to government and military entities. Having served the military for over 29 years, we feel strongly about providing the best products and services to our troops and federal employees. 

Charles L. Pickett III
Holly Van Heemst

Charles "Chip" is proud to have served over 29 years in the US Military. Chip was 

first introduced to SCARS in 1988, when he partook in the ARMY's first year of SCARS courses taught by Jerry Peterson.


  • Service Disabled Veteran 

  • Combat Veteran 

  • ARMY Master Fitness Trainer

  • Certified SCARS Instructor 

  • Fixed wing and rotor craft pilot in both the military and corporate aviation

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

(MBA) - Master of Business Administration 

(BS) - Aeronautical Science

-Professional Pilot

Six years of experience 

managing government contract. Specializing in packaging and shipping solutions.

Jason Langston Headshot 2 2021_edited.jpg
Jason Langston
CyberShark- VP Sales

VP Sales, Business Development

BS Communications, Minors in Philosophy and Economics

Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, Class of 1993.

Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of GSeat, a Consumer Product Brand that has been the category leader in Material Innovation and Design for 15 years, with Global Sourcing

and Distribution.

Patent owner in US, China and Korea.

Extensive Consumer and Enterprise Technological Sales and Marketing background

focused on Lead Generation, Messaging and Market Analysis, in Telecom and Data Network Management.

Led the successful acquisition of a Tech Start Up by a publicly traded Network Equipment Manufacturer.

Blake Peterson
SCARS- Owner/Director

Subject Matter Expert in COI development and Hand-to-Weapon tactics for both urban and field conflicts, with over 23 years of Military and Law Enforcement experience in both real world security operation development and deployment.

Has conducted and developed counter-driving measures nationally and internationally for both counter kidnapping 

and dignitary protection in the field

Has trained in lethal and non-lethal tactics for direct conflict resolution and advanced 

security deployment:

  • US SpecOp Divisions

  •  Navy SEAL Teams

  •  US Army NCOIC’s at the

       JFK Center 

  • US Air Force Combat Control Teams

  • US Marshals

  • US Border Patrol

  • US Air Marshals and other elite units along with foreign dignitaries and their Tier One units.

(Presidential Guards)

Jerry Peterson
SCARS - Founder

Creator of Special Combat Aggressive reactionary Systems (SCARS)

Vietnam Combat Veteran, 

serving two tours from 1968 and 1969 in the 173d Army Airborne Company of the

C 503 Battalion

Over 30 years as both an operator and executive

management in the research and development of

specialized training; dealing in physiological and physical warfare along with advanced warfare tactics. Specializing

in developing, managing, and implementing large-scale training programs for

implementation into the US

Defense Department’s “Special Operation Forces” under proprietary licensing agreements.

Developed a 600-hr. Hand-to-Weapon Subject Matter 

Expert Train the Trainer (COI) force multiplier program. This project is known as Special Combat Aggressive Reactionary Systems SCARS, saving the US Government millions in training dollars. I was the exclusive developer of this proprietary system that has been used by the US

Government and is today utilized by our combat soldiers.

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