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CYBERShark, a US Veteran Employed SOC believes that all businesses deserve high-quality security which is why our products are designed to help companies of all sizes and industries effectively manage their networks, protect critical data and maintain regulatory compliance.


With CYBERShark, you receive enterprise-class security and compliance on day one. Our affordable SOC-as-a-Service can be launched in minutes, doesn’t require any hardware installation and is easy to scale as your company grows so you can maintain complete protection for your business at all times.

24/7/365 Cyber Security Services

Security Room
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Reducing risk and liability around Cyber Attacks

  • CYBERShark SOC team is 100% US Military Veterans

  • SOC team clearances range from Classified to Top Secret, assuring your data’s protection.

  • CYBERShark is built around next generation aiSIEM Technology

  • CYBERShark SOC provides 7x24x365 monitoring all the network security events and incidents.

  • Detects, Inspects, and Responds to cyberthreats in real time.

  • Provides EDR and SOAR Capability at onelow price.

  • Provides all the controls, monitoring and reporting to comply with NIST SP 800-171 and 800-172.

CMMC Compliance-

Protecting defense-related information from foreign intelligence is critical to protect America. Cybersecurity is no longer a choice.
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SOC-as-a-Service CMMC relevant capabilities

Access Control – Full reporting to meet CMMC 1,2 and 3

Audit and Accountability - Capture, Log, Review, Report all security events and incidents

Configuration Management – Collects both raw event logs, as well as NetFlow data with capability to auto discover all assets in your client’s network.


Incident Response – People, process, and technology are key to being as proactive as possible. The

technology will collect logs and NetFlow data, correlate massive amounts of data, run it through

our Threat Intelligence feeds and alert our SOC Team to potential malicious acts.


Risk Assessment - Automated vulnerability scans on custom frequency


Security Assessment - Monthly SOC generated security assessments to assist in system hardening


System and Communications Protection – aiSIEM will recognize and alert people to unauthorized or unintended file access/transfer. CYBERShark includes EDR which provides us with user behavior analytics and is key to providing insight into malicious behavior.


US Based SOC and SOC Analysts – Our SOC is in Puerto Rico, a US territory, and our SOC is staffed with US Veterans with high clearances providing an added layer of professional security.


System and Information Integrity – aiSIEM learns and adopts to identify behavior patterns that may

exploit vulnerabilities in software/code.

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